Women in Books

By Roisin Mahon
Book: Divergent Trilogy.
Author: Veronica Roth
Rating: 9/10
By Roisin Mahon
Book: Divergent Trilogy.

Author: Veronica Roth

Rating: 9/10

Divergent is about a sixteen year old  girl called Beatrice “Tris” Prior who is described as short with blonde hair and mildly attractive.  She is the daughter of Andrew and Natalie Prior and has an older brother called Caleb.

When Veronica wrote this book she wrote it about humanity being on the brink of an apocalypse.  About how humans then had to acknowledge the creation of five different factions to prevent the near destruction of humanity ever happening again.  For those who believed that selfishness was the reason for the apocalypse they made the faction Abnegation who swore to be selfless to all, for those who believed that lack of intelligence was the cause, the faction Erudite was formed, they swore to follow a never ending path of information learning.  For the people that believed human duplicity was the reason for havoc in the world the faction Candor was set up, these pledged to always speak their mind and always reveal the truth The faction Dauntless was created for those who believed that cowardice was the downfall of the world, these fearless and brave people never found any obstacle daunting. The final and last faction was called the Factionless who chose not to assimilate into any faction and instead remain independent. 

Born into an Abnegation family, Beatrice has lived her life trying to uphold the ideals of her parents. Outfitted in modest grey clothing, the required style of her faction, Beatrice strives to be as selfless as the rest of her family, but faction beliefs, like giving your seat to others on public transit, do not come naturally to her, so when she and all the other sixteen year olds have their mandatory aptitude test to see what faction they should be in, Tris knows Abnegation will not be her first choice.

When she is faced with a choice she chooses Dauntless.  She must show her bravery, show she isn’t afraid to get down and dirty.  We see this when she is learning to fight (which breaks the belief that women are petite) and using a gun (which breaks the belief that she isn’t afraid to fend for herself).  She takes on the prejudices of the male members of the faction and eventually proves herself to be worthy of being DAUNTLESS regardless of her gender.
This is why I believe that the best place to be a woman is on the pages of books.

By Roisin Mahon
Book: Harry Potter
Author: J.K Rowling
Rating: 10/10

In Harry Potter you are introduced to Hermione Jean Granger.
At first you believe that she is a snotty know it all little girl who relies more on books for comfort rather than go out and try to make friends. You soon come to learn that Hermione’s steadfastness and sheer intelligence (plus the fact that she’s the only one who has ever read Hogwarts: A History) save her two best friends time and time again.

She proves herself a strong women numerous times, for example in the last book and movie The Deathly Hallows Hermione shows that she is a strong women because even though she has to grow up way too quickly she will stay with her friends no matter what the situation is, she sticks to her promises of staying with Harry even when Ron asks her to leave with him.

This is why I believe that Women are at their strongest in a page of a book.


Tittle: The Hunger Games 
Author: Suzanne Collins

The hunger games is a story of a teenage girl trying to survive in a society where that were if you’re not in power  you are helpless and cant provided for yourself. I think this is a book where in it everyone is helpless and it is not only the women like people believe. Katniss the main female character is a 16 year old girl who is willing to stand up for her sister showing she cares about her family so much that she is willing to risk her life for them, Katniss shows that she is a strong female character by providing for herself and others when its known that men are the providers, since Katniss`s dad is dead and it`s hard having to provide food for her family. Katniss shows that she is strong when her sister is picked for the hunger games and so she volunteers herself instead of her sister when her life is at risk.
She also shows that she is a strong women when it`s down to the last two victors she isn't afraid to die to save the one she loves, she would rather eat poisoned berries and die than have to kill the one she loves. Peeta.    
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