Gender on social media

By Sorcha and Hazel 

Here are some twitter pages that address sexism and feminism:

@feministdotcom - is a thriving online feminist community (  is their website)

•@EverydaySexismm - Project documenting everyday experiences of sexism to prove how bad the problem is and create awareness of it.

(  Their website) here is an example of everyday sexism on their website: 
      Mary 2013-04-20 16:01
      My boyfriend and I do our assignments together for an economics class in grad school. I help him out to get the answers to the questions, and in the end we both submit identical work (which is allowed). Every time, he gets a check plus with "Great job, Marc!" Every time I get a check with "Good effort, Mary" 

Here are some Facebook pages that address violence against women:

Girls for Gender Equality Inc. or GGE Inc. are an organisation that believe that violence against women and girls pointed to deeply rooted gender discrimination. This is their website They are on Facebook.

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