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Trocaire Add Campaign
This is a thought provoking video by Trocaire which really opened our eyes to the Gender inequality in the world. This was part of an add campaign to try and eradicate some of the inequality.


Yorkie Add Campaign

    Nestle chocolate bar, 'Yorkie' have always based    their advertising off their slogan "it's not for girls". Due to this all there adds and promotions have been very degrading towards women and contributes to the gender inequality in media today.




Moving on to France...

Currently in France at the moment they are getting ready to elect a new Mayor. All the competitors for the role are women.
We have found that they get different media coverage from any men in the same position as them. The 2014 election for mayor will be between four women. 
The four women in the race for Mayor are

  •  Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet 
  •  Anne Hidalgo
  • Rachida Dati (who was the former justice minister)
  •  Cecilé Duflot 
"The type of coverage I got as a woman was different," she says. "There was so much focus on what I look like. Every interviewer said something about what I was wearing and whether I was glamorous. They also asked me what my husband thought of what I was doing and my children; a male politician would never get asked those sorts of questions."

And In Strasbourg...

Gender equality: Media and the image of women

  • A conference in Strasbourg examined the media’s portrayal of women from the 10 - 12 of April.


    Raise awareness of the media and the general public on gender equality issues in the 
    Discuss the challenges posed by reconciling the media’s freedom of expression and 
    upholding the principle of gender equality;
    Encourage a gender sensitive approach in the media environment and industry;
    Promote leadership of women in the media; 
    Discuss the challenges posed by new media, its impact on gender equality and how it 
    can be used as a potential agent for positive change; 
    Discuss and exchange good practices on effective strategies for combating gender 
    Present to the participants the Council of Europe Handbook “Women and Journalists” 
    and its toolkit on how to combat gender stereotypes in the media.

We believe that the best place to be a woman is most definitely not in the media. Although there have been steps to combat gender inequality in the media, there is still a lot of stereotyping and discriminating about women.

By Aisling N and Cliodhna. 

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